Our Philosophy

We Believe in Vitalism

The vitalistic philosophy of chiropractic practice is very simple. We believe the body is a self-healing, self-regulating being. Thus we have a practice founded on vitalism: the idea that the goal of a good chiropractic office is to enable bodies to self-heal.

Subluxation is the Issue

Even the smallest misalignment of the vertebrae can have dramatic impact on overall comfort and health. Subluxation is the word we use to discuss these minor misalignments that can have major impact on patients.

Adjustment is the Answer

If subluxation is the problem – the answer is to realign or adjust the vertebrae to promote optimal health, comfort, and happiness. That’s where the team at Vital Family Chiropractic comes in.

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Helping Revitalize
Your Body Feel Good. Look Good. Be Great.

If you experience pain or discomfort in your vertebrae, you’ve usually reached an advanced stage in dysfunction. Many patients have misaligned vertebrae for years before they ever experience pain, and many more receive pain relieving medications and believe the absence of pain means they are healed. However, true chiropractic care addresses the underlying causes of back and neck pain and other whole body health concerns stemming from vertebrae that are out of alignment. Our goal is to fully revitalize our patients’ whole bodies.

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Patients Love Us

“I have never met such a wonderful set of human beings as the staff at vital family. I mean it. My wife and kids and I all get adjusted 3 times a week. It is very affordable! I'm very happy! Thanks Vital Family!”
Jorge M., Lakewood, WA

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Improve Recovery
Time from Accidents with Precision Chiropractic Care

Patients who experience back and neck pain following a car, workplace, or sports accident may need intervention from a chiropractor to fully restore their health and comfort. Even with medications and rest, the misalignment of the vertebrae that results from these injuries can cause serious long term problems with balance, comfort, and overall health and function. If you’ve experienced an injury that involved back or neck pain, make an investment in your future health and visit our Lakewood office today.

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Chiropractic Healing
for Developing Children Gentle, Effective Care for Kids

Even more than adults, kids can benefit from visiting the chiropractor. As children’s bones and muscles grow and expand, it’s easy for vertebrae to slip out of proper alignment. While many younger patients don’t necessarily exhibit back or neck pain, some signs that your child may want to consider visiting the chiropractor include lack of coordination, inability to concentrate throughout the day, sleeplessness, and growing pains related to growth spurts. You’ll be amazed by the dramatic transformation in your child’s overall health.

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Empowering Your
Body’s Healing Ability with Advanced Chiropractic Care for Adults

We are happy to treat adults who experience significant back or neck pain, but many patients would have benefited from chiropractic intervention long before. The body is an intricate system of bones and muscles that work together to move us through our days. When even one vertebrae is out of alignment, the entire function of the body is adversely effected making even the smallest movements more difficult. Proper alignment dramatically improves numerous aspects of our patients’ lives.

About Treatment Options

Rejuvenate Muscles
& Improve Health with Revitalizing Massage Therapy

If a chiropractor is the ideal practitioner to get the vertebrae properly aligned and working properly in conjunction with the whole body, massage therapy is one of the best ways to improve the health and function of muscles. Many patients believe massages simply feel good, but they actually have rejuvenating effects on muscles helping them perform better and relieving stress on other parts of the body for optimal health and function.

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Supplement Your
Body’s Natural Ability with All-Natural Products

In addition to a full range of chiropractic treatments and massage therapy, we partner with a number of supplement providers to offer our patients products to improve their overall health and help them truly transform their lives for the better. Additionally, Dr. Peterson is happy to offer a number resources to help her patients keep maintain their healthiest, happiest selves in and out of our office. The doctor is also available for lectures and seminars to improve the community’s understanding of chiropractic care.

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We Accept Insurance & Offer Financing

At Vital Family Chiropractic, we’re dedicated to helping patients make the most of their insurance coverage. Our knowledgeable team is happy to work with major medical insurance providers to maximize coverage, and we are familiar with the claims process for workman’s compensation. We are happy to help patients fully understand their corrective care plan options and coverage. We are a family practice that strives to serve our patients’ interests and that start with keeping our fees low and maximizing insurance coverage.

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