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Can you imagine a life free of daily aches, symptomatic allergies, migraines, and exhaustion? People are remarkably resilient, and our bodies are self-healing, self-regulating masterpieces. Each intricate piece of our body works together to produce a perfectly balanced system, but when that system is out of balance, we experience pain, illness, and mental unrest. Most patients seek chiropractic treatment following an injury or in response to severe pain, but less than 10% of our nervous system perceives and delivers pain signals to the brain. That means patients may be suffering from unfelt damage for weeks, months, or years before pain occurs. Mechanistic chiropractors center their practice on “fixing” problems. Essentially, these doctors help patients relieve pain, but freedom from pain does not necessarily mean patients are “cured.”

Dr. Julie Peterson practices vitalistic chiropractic care. The goal of vitalistic care is to restore patients’ bodies to full alignment by removing all hindrances to communication between the brain and nervous system. When the head and body are able to interact without interference, the result is an amazing whole body health transformation. At Vital Family Chiropractic, we strive to offer patients of all ages personalized care planning that goes beyond removing symptoms for today by creating a healthier whole body system to see you through your tomorrows. Whether you’re currently in pain or interested in finding out more about how vitalistic chiropractic can prevent future discomfort and illness, we’d love to see you. Our Lakewood, WA practice welcomes patients from nearby Thurston, Pierce County, and other surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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