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Vitalism is a chiropractic philosophy that underlies all parts of our care planning. Many of our patients come to the office believing chiropractors are doctors who “crack your back” or relieve back, neck, or other pain. Actually, chiropractors are doctors with advanced training and education in detecting and correcting disconnection between the brain and the nervous system. Essentially, chiropractic care is –philoshoy, art, and science that is centered on improving the communication pathways between the brain and body by removing nerve interference and promoting the body’s self-healing capabilities. If you’re interested in learning more about chiropractic, vitalism, and how it can transform your life, keep reading or contact Dr. Julie Peterson and her dedicated team to schedule a chiropractic assessment and consultation.

Mechanism VS Vitalism

In order to begin developing a full understanding of how Vital Family Chiropractic differs from other similar practices, patients need to have a basic grasp of the difference between reductionist or mechanistic chiropractic and how it compares to the vitalistic approach to care. Mechanism looks at one specific area that is in pain or has limited range of motion. The mechanistic chiropractor then develops a treatment plan to “fix” that problem. Vitalistic chiropractic looks at the person as a whole – not simply looking at a single problem area. Care planning includes an understanding of any underlying concerns, long term complications, and whole body wellbeing. Chiropractors who practice with a vitalistic philosophy set the goal of fully restoring communication between the brain and body that allows patients’ bodies to perform at their maximal level.




Measurements of Success

Doctor based physiological analysis (x-ray, range of motion, visual exam, etc.) and a pain scale

Patient based, concerns not just function or pain relief but overall wellbeing (physical, psychological, spiritual) as well as doctor based analysis


Typically a predetermined number of treatments to “fix” a problem or relieve pain

A holistic approach to care that includes an unique and individual number of appointments in order to achieve maximum effect

Long Term Goals

Relieve pain and restore movement

Fully restore communication between brain and body, restore the body’s optimal self-regulating and self-healing abilities

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